About Us

A Warm Welcome!

God’s Vineyard Church (GVC) Derby is part of a group of Churches under God’s Vineyard Ministries (GVM), with headquarters in Nottingham, UK.

GVC Derby is a dynamic church, with a very active Youth Fellowship. A family Church blessed with members and worshippers from many nations of the world.

The Youth Fellowship; called “The Radical Youth”, provides forum for fun, friendship and spiritual growth; in safe and secure environment. The bond of friendship in GVC Derby cannot be missed even on the first visit.

Aside from regular Bible study, the Youth Fellowship enjoys periodic social events such as musical concerts, seminars on contemporary issues of concern (such as academic, relationship etc), family events and information sharing. The Fellowship also coordinates the integration of international students into their new environment.

We are a Prayer based Church, with an unshaken foundation in the Word of God, and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to raising disciples for the Kingdom of God.

We are also committed to the motto of God’s Vineyard Ministries: ‘Empowering lives, building societies’.